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At CX2PARTS.com we recognize that your privacy is important.

1. We never share your E-mail address with anyone.
2. We never share your shipping address with anyone. ( Just PayPal or your Bank )
3. We never share or give out your home phone number.
4. We never share or give out your name.
5. We will only E-mail you at your request ( If you write to us or submit )
6. All information you give to CX2PARTS.com is never shared with any other website.
7. We only give your information to PayPal or your bank for billing.
8. We hate spam and junk mail just like you and we never send any.

If you receive any junk mail or spam with our website on it, please send it to us so we can look into who is sending it. It was not from CX2parts.com

Report Spam or Junk e-mail to:  contact@cx2parts.com
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